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Your carpets act as a filter for the air, and since it is generally the largest horizontal surface of your home, it is necessary to clean this “filter” regularly. Clean carpet is not only appealing to the eye; is also much healthier for your family and pets. Carpet steam cleaning is recommended by the IICRC and by most carpet manufacturers every 6 to 12 months.   This ensures that the environment that you live in is healthy and protects your carpet investment.  Carpet that is not cleaned will last an average of two years at medium traffic levels.  The most important reason to clean carpet is for the health of your family and to reduce wear of the carpet fiber .

10 Step Cleaning Process

  1. Pre-Inspection: Technicians will walk through rooms to be cleaned to identify soiling conditions, carpet construction and potential permanent stains, and furniture movement.
  2. Furniture Moving: Chairs, end tables, and small furniture will be carefully moved. Larger pieces of furniture are left in place, except at your request. Furniture will be protected with disposable blocks and or tabs.
  3. Pre-Spray/Pre-Spot: Traffic areas and spots are treated with a solution that is 9.5 on the PH Scale.
  4. Pre Groom: Carpet will be pre-groomed with carpet groomer/rotary cleaning machine to further loosen traffic area soil.
  5. Extract and Rinse: Deep South Floor Care’s state of the art truck mounted hot water extraction cleaning process will thoroughly flush carpet pile. Pressure and heat are        regulated so carpet is not overly wet.
  6. Neutralize: PH is balanced on every carpet and fabric cleaned. This is one of the most important steps according to carpet manufacturers. It is accomplished during the extraction and rinse process.
  7. Post Spot Treatment: If any spots are not  removed during the cleaning process, specialty spotting techniques are employed. Note: Potential permanent spots as identified by your technician may not be removed
  8. Post Grooming: Carpet pile is set in one direction for faster drying
  9. 9. Speed Dry: High velocity air movers are placed on carpet to speed the drying process
  10. Post Inspection: Deep South Floor Care’s technicians will ask you to walk through your home to inspect the work.

After Your Carpet is Cleaned       

  • Use caution when walking from carpet to hard surface-SLIPPERY!
  • Keep children and pets off carpet and upholstery at least 4 hours or until carpet is completely dry
  • To speed dry: Utilize your ceiling fans, and central heat and air
  • To avoid stains and rust spots, do not put any small items back until carpet is completely dry

After Cleaning Tips

  • Vacuum regularly. Since most of the soil in your carpet and upholstery can be removed by vacuuming, it’s a great way to both improve air quality and protect your fabrics.
  • Clean up spots and spills immediately. Blot up spills using a clean, dry towel. After the spill is removed, the area should be flushed using regular water to remove residue. If a stain remains, place a damp towel over the area and call a professional.
  • Don’t wait until your carpet has noticeable traffic patterns to have it cleaned. By then, the damage is done and may be irreversible
  • Frequently replace the filters in your home’s heating and air conditioning system. The more airborne soil you collect in your filters, the less there is to collect in your furnishings.
  • Have your carpet and furnishings professionally cleaned regularly.

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